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Aura-Soma Color Care System®

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The Ancient Tradition of Chakra Balancing

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Kathy Key"There is a Soul at the center of Nature and
over the will of every man, so that none of us can wrong the Universe."                Emerson's Essays


My Pledge

My name is Kathy Keh, and I pledge to spend the rest of my life doing everything I possibly can to see our magnificent planet flourish again. It's an honor for me to be here now with each of you - my fellow stewards of the Earth and guardians of all the creatures upon it.

My Gratitude

My gratitude is eternal for how selflessly our beautiful planet has shared Her gifts with me, and in honor of Her I take the time to listen when She speaks - through the birds singing and the wind blowing through the trees. In honor of Her I soak Her into every cell of my being - through the flowers, the soil and the seas. Each and every time I do this She heals me, and helps me to see The Miracle of Life, the Miracle of My Life, and for the first time ever I feel full, empowered and unashamed.

My Bliss

All I know for sure in this moment is that as Her bliss pours through me and merges with your bliss it becomes part of an enormous wave of Light that spreads across this planet - a Light that heals and renews The Earth and all the creatures upon it. Each time I step up in Her name I'm connected back to each of you, and this Circle of Light beams brighter and brighter around our planet. I know that our hopes and dreams will flourish inside this Mighty Circle forever sustained by all the Galaxies of Light in Our Universe. Glorious and Victorious is what I see.


Consultation Services:

I work one on one with anyone who searches for relief from the effects of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, OCD, ADHD and/or depression. My approach is to introduce people to a set of tools which over the years have helped me to navigate the intense emotional ups and downs of my own life. The palette of remedies, tools and techniques we choose from are all based in the powerful emotional healing elements found in Nature, and include consideration of how our indoor and outdoor spaces affect us as well. Ultimately, I rely upon the inherent wisdom of the client themselves to design their own program so that they can create greater brightness, lightness and joy for themselves which they can then shine out into the world for others.


The classes I teach are a little educational and a lot experiential. They are for anyone of any age who has a hard time concentrating, relaxing or feeling hopeful. All the programs are actually forms of meditation designed specifically for people like me who can't stand the idea of sitting still. These active meditations engage our physical senses (sight, smell, sound, taste, touch) as we perform an activity that captivates our attention. As we get into a rythm for the activity we relax, breathe more deeply, and feel lighter, brighter and more inspired about life. 

We'll do things like explore how color and sound can be used as guideposts for our emotional balance and wellbeing, we'll learn how to care for butterflies and prepare waystations for them, we'll create art and beautiful mandalas using plants and crystals, and wherever possible we'll invite magic, miracle and whimsy into these activities while honoring and appreciating all the delightful miracles that surround us. These classes are ideal for parent and child, best friends and spouses, and can all be custom designed for a group of friends, a family and even business associates who want to share this type of experience together.


For special occasions and celebrations I offer the use of my Butterfly, Faerie & Gnome Gardens here in Sarasota, Florida - USA. These gardens are a unique and truly magical outdoor space perfect for high teas, intimate wedding ceremonies, one of a kind marriage proposals, evenings around a campfire toasting marshmallows, and basically whatever your imagination can think up. Not all gatherings however are appropriate here so each event is evaluated on a case by case basis as are the rental fees.


I've used the Aura-Soma Color Care System® for over 10 years now, because they have consistently helped me to move through the most challenging times in my life with greater ease and grace. Their products are a unique blend of Light (through colors), Plants and Minerals - all immensely powerful healing agents found in Nature. There's so much to be said about these products, but most importantly one needs to see and experience them first hand. I offer in person color consultations locally here in SW Florida as well as the entire product line through my Online Store.

100% Money Back Guarantee: 

I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are anything less than beyond happy with any of my products or services. I will return the fee 100% at any point in time, no questions asked. Please note that in cases where deposits were collected to ensure a minimum number of people needed to hold a course - these monies paid will not be refundable. 

Stay In Touch!!! 

In the meantime, please stay in touch with me on Instagram or Facebook and please visit my Aura-Soma Online Store. Should you have ANY questions about ANYTHING feel free to reach out to me via email or phone

Upcoming Events

Introduction to Aura-Soma & the World of Color

During the 3 days of the “Introduction to Aura-Soma & the World of Color” workshop we will totally relax and unwind. It’s an awesome opportunity to take time out to indulge ourselves through our physical senses and just enjoy life. We will explore our unique relationship to color...

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Monarch Butterfly Waystation Tour

This workshop begins with education about the Monarch - it's life cycle, ideal breeding and feeding habitats, as well as its challenges. We'll then take a tour of the Monarch Waystation on my property. As we enjoy Monarchs fluttering around doing their thing I will point out the plants that they use...

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So blessed my path crossed with Kathy Keh and Bright Life 6 years ago. She is a conduit for helping others to find their way to a path of peace, self-appreciation and a feeling of parallel with the Universe and with their community. With every visit whether it be an Aura Soma consultation, a workshop, a group meditation or just a visit to say "Hello", I always have an experience that leaves me feeling more energized, more grounded and more connected with myself and the world around me. Kathy has an amazing spirit that is intuitive, loving and insightful. Her wealth of knowledge and professionalism is impeccable. I can honestly credit Kathy with helping me find greater happiness and balance in my life and in my home ~ Diana Paver,

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