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Butterfly Way Station Experiential


PLEASE NOTE: All experientials are scheduled by request only so if you are interested in offering this event to a group just contact me.

Cost: $30

Duration: 1.5 hours


Over the past 10 years I've had the privilege of wearing many hats and studying many subjects, and this past year was no different. I got to intern with the largest butterfly breeder in the country located right here in Bradenton! I was also inspired to transform my property into a colossal sized Monarch way station which has formally been recognized as such by Monarch Watch - a nonprofit organization dedicated to Monarch research, education and preservation. Nowadays my greatest joy and satisfaction comes from sharing these gardens with all of you - so come on by. I promise you'll have a one of a kind, bright and beautiful time.


We'll begin with a little education about butterflies in the SW Florida region. I'll talk about their life cycle, breeding and feeding environments, as well as some challenges they face.

Next each guest will be equipped with their own color butterfly reference chart and water to have while we take a tour of the gardens. For those of you who are interested in drinking water that has real energy I'll also be offering crystal cocktails which is water infused with the energy of crystals.

So off we'll go to look for different butterfly eggs, caterpillars chrysalis formations, and plants that different species use as host plants, and those they use for food. Each time you come you'll see different things depending on time of year, weather conditions, and new plant beds that have been added or changed. This way you're guaranteed of a new experiential adventure each time you visit!

Once we've meandered through the gardens together everyone will go off on their own to explore. Along the way you'll surely come across many other wonderful treats direct from Mother Nature that you're sure to enjoy.

Just so you know, if while on your own exploring you choose to be silent (for any length of time) you're actually experiencing a powerful form of active meditation that I call "Nature Bathing". It has the same emotional and physical health benefits of sitting meditations, but you'll just feel like you're getting lost in the garden, moving around, fully experiencing life through all of your senses.