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Bright Life specializes in both Classical Feng Shui and Chakra Balancing Consultation Services. Although these two sets of principles can be applied independently of one another, we highly recommend that they be applied in conjunction with one another. Using one set of tools with the other is so much more efficacious, and dramatically increases your ability to create greater emotional awareness, wellness and balance.

Classical Feng Shui Consultation

luo pan and floor plan.jpgHaving a Classical Feng Shui analysis performed on our homes and offices is a critical step towards developing and maintaining our overall ability to succeed and be happy in life. Why? Because by applying the principles of Feng Shui to the buildings where we spend most of lives, we are able to strategically turn them into incubators for emotional upliftment, daily inspiration and vibrant physical health. If this critial step is overlooked many critical areas of life become extremely challenging despite our efforts to improve them. 

Just like the personality or "energy" of one friend can lift us up and make us feel great, and another's energy can drain the life out of us, so too can we be profoundly affected by the energy patterns that fill our built spaces. We are at such an advantage in life when we ensure that our living and work environments are healthy for us to live and work in, and having an evaluation done is the first step towards accomplishing this. Please click on the link below to schedule a consultation.

Our staff was having a lot of disharmony in the office,and business was also slower as we were stuck waiting for a several important contracts to come through. We contacted Kathy for a consultation, and received a complete evaluation explaining what was going on and suggestions on how to make improvements. We started seeing results soon after we made our changes. Our staff is now getting along much better, and we completed the signing of one contract shortly after we made the changes, and business has continued to be steady for the rest of the year. What we appreciated most is that Kathy has been available after the evaluation for any questions we had and any assistance we needed. We have worked with her for years now and look forward to getting our annual updates." - Karin, Pat & Staff, All American Medical

Consultation Packages

Chakra Balancing Consultations

Chakra LadyChakra Balancing for most people is a totally foreign concept. Most of us are taught how to care for the physical body, but few of us are taught that we even have an energy or emotional body. This is the reason why there is an epidemic of anxiety, stress and depression in our country - were were never taught how to care for this part of ourselves.

Challenging emotional circumstances and difficulties from the past cause us to engage in patterns of behavior and responses to particular situations that significantly hamper our ability to create success in our personal and professional lives. Opening the Chakras or emotional centers of the body, and clearing them allows us to gain clarity on these unproductive behaviors so that we are more able to live up to our full potential and lead happier more fulfilled lives. When our perspective on life gets clearer, all aspects of life become easier and more rewarding.

A great way to begin this fascinating and deeply illuminating journey is by receiving a consultation. Please click on the link below to schedule a consultation.

“Kathy is the main reason that I have evolved my Interior Decorating business to include the many facets of emotional work, including Feng Shui and Aura Soma. I have taken several workshops and trainings with Kathy and she is extremely knowledgeable, organized and skilled. Kathy is very professional, yet remains approachable and authentic, which is why I consider her such a great mentor. Not only is she a gifted teacher, she has also brought healing and growth to many individuals with her 1:1 consultations. Kathy has the ability to connect with people and the resulting synergy creates a wave of healing energy that impacts many. Thank you Kathy for all that you do and all that you are.” - Linda Graydon, Soulscape Interiors

Consultation Packages

Money Back Guarantee

 If for any reason you are not happy with any of the consultation services we  have provided you, Bright Life offers a 100% money back guarantee.