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About Bright Life Educational Programs

At Bright Life I show people how to manage anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression and OCD/ADHD. Everything I teach revolves around reducing the symptoms of these conditions which for many like myself are debilitating. In doing so, I hope to connect people to their unique version of living a bright and joy-ful life.

For anyone who is in Sarasota, Florida USA you can visit my educational booth at The Bazaar on Apricot and Lime where I share information about courses, and of course you can reach out to me directly if you have questions or would like information about bringing a course or retreat to you. 

Below are the courses that I am currently offering for the remainder of 2018, and information about courses and retreats that are in development. 

3-Day Aura-Soma Essentials Workshop

The Aura-Soma Essentials workshop is an opportunity to relax and unwind over three experiential days of meditation and self-discovery. You will learn how Aura-Soma products have the capacity to support you and promote your emotional wellbeing. It's a opportunity to better understand yourself, learn how to express yourself creatively, and explore your relationship with color and light. If you are interested in signing up for these courses you can do so HERE

Programs In Development

I'm finalizing the content for several different one-day retreats and half day courses. These programs revolve around many forms of active meditation. Active meditation - unlike most sitting meditations - are excellent tools for people who struggle intensely with an overactive mind, and who find it extremely difficult to relax. 

The focus is on fine tuning our physical senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch by appreciating Mother Nature. We will be doing things that draw through all of .

We'll be doing things like caring for butterflies, tending gardens, creating art using elements from the plant and mineral world as well as enjoying tea in Faerie & Gnome gardens. These activities intensely draw in our focus which is very helpful for anyone who is having a hard time concentrating, relaxing or feeling hopeful.

All the programs are suitable for both children and adults, and I can't wait to post more information about these over the next few weeks so please keep your eyes out for the announcement by staying connected to me.

100% Money Back Guarantee: 

If at ANY point of the 3-day course you don't feel anything but elated about what you have learned I will return 100% of the course fee back to you. It's an absolute requirement for me to know that what you learned on course was something that will definitely improve your overall wellbeing. If you do not feel this way you are entitled to your money back.