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About The Bright Life Education Center

Education has been Bright Life's top priority and our offerings include many activities throughout the year that introduce people to different tools and techniques that expand the awareness they have about themselves and ultimately how they impact those around them thereby increasing their Emotional Intelligence or EI.

We offer custom workshops developed for all audiences that fully engage the emotional or right side of the brain by combining the powerful Ancient healing traditions of meditation with Chakra Balancing and Classical Feng Shui. We offer introductory workshops all the way through to Advanced Level Certification Training. 

Workshops & Events

gong meditation image.jpgAt Bright Life we offer many types of workshops and events where you are guaranteed to have fun, and learn something new and interesting. We specialize in meditation, Classical Feng Shui and Chakra Balancing. Please go to our Events calendar to see current offerings and if you would like a course organized in your area just email us at

"I just want to thank you for the knowledge and enthusiasm you shared with me and all those who attended your workshop. You certainly know your subject and beyond. You have helped me include the self care of chakra balancing and feng shui in my emotional, physical and spiritual life. I am ever so grateful to you for helping me learn how to keep my emotional life healthy. I eagerly await the next workshop!" - Patricia Varley

Advanced Feng Shui Education & Certification


luo pan and floor plan.jpgOne Week Intensive For Consultants

Kathy Keh, Owner of Bright Life and Master Practitioner of Classical Feng Shui has developed a comprehensive one week Classical Feng Shui Intensive specifically designed for people who want to become Feng Shui Consultants.

This course is a conglomeration of everything Kathy has learned with her Feng Shui Grand Masters and Masters, and is geared towards getting students quickly from theory to hands on application of the three main classical formulas: San He (Landscape & Formations), San Yuan (Flying Stars) and Ba Zhai (Eight Mansion). It is a course that enables someone with little to no experience to have the confidence to peform Feng Shui consultations. Check out the current offerings on our Events tab, and if you would like a course organized in your city just email us at

"I just finished Kathy Keh’s 7 day Classical Feng Shui Practitioner training. The days were intense with in-depth information, and hands-on application in a very well organized format. Kathy provides not only the foundation needed in practical terms, but also extensive consultant related materials, as well as consulting guidelines. I am very grateful she decided to give this training. I had concerns about my own home and recent experiences, and at the end of the course all I could think was that Kathy’s training might have just have saved my life. Sometimes we look for answers to our problems in every area except the surroundings inside our homes. Now I will always look there first. I highly recommend the program to anyone interested in deep dive hands on training in Feng Shui. I also suggest you clear your calendar, as Kathy said she has put a 3-week course into one intensive week. Thank you Kathy! - Kathleen Keenan, Artist

Chakra Balancing Certification

row of bottles.jpgBright Life offers all levels of certification training for those interested in using the Aura-Soma Color-Care-System® for Chakra Balancing. Throughout the year we offer a 3-Day Aura-Soma Essentials Certification Course that is perfect for anyone who wants to offer the amazing Aura-Soma products in their spa, wellness center or retail environment. For those interested in becoming Aura-Soma Chakra Balancing Practitioners we can organize trainings anywhere in the world

Not only is being an Aura-Soma Practitioner a wonderful and rewarding career in and of itself, but these amazing products can be offered and overlaid onto any existing retail spa, wellness center, healing practice and retail oriented establishments. Massage Therapists, Psychotherapists, Acupuncturists, Healing Touch Practitioners, Reiki Masters, Astrologists - basically anyone already in the field of helping others live up to their fullest potential will benefit from adding this to their existing services. It is a great way of offering clients higher value, and setting one's self apart from the peers in their industry. For information on upcoming events please go to our Events tab, and if you would like a course organized in your city just email us at