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About Bright Life


To help people create their own unique version of a bright and joy-filled life.

Bright Life For Joy

My Philosophy

For many of us creating a bright and joy filled life is not something that comes naturally. In fact, it is a unique combination of art form and science that we need to actively cultivate, and one that blossoms fully over one's lifetime. 

I always thought that the answers I needed to be happier would come "from" me by me figuring it out using my head, and so that's what I tried to do for decades with very little success.

It never dawned on me that the answers I needed would actually come "to" me once I was able to quiet my mind. Re-connecting with the truly awesome and miraculous aspects of Mother Nature allowed me to do this, and  I've been deeply healed by and forever in gratitude to Her.

My life-long struggle with anxiety, OCD and depression has culminated now in one life goal and aspiration: To help anyone - the way I desperately needed help - feel more hopeful about life. I lean on Her every day for the inspiration and support I need to do this, and hope that in some way what you find here adds some light to your day.

Thank you from the whole of my heart for your interest in my work and Bright Life.