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About Me

Kathy Keh

Up until 2017 I was the owner of Bright Life v.1 which was a beautiful retail venue, education center and consultancy located in beautiful Sarasota, Florida USA - the place where I am so very lucky to call my home.

I am currently completing a 2 year long process of re-building my life and in doing so re-creating my business to align with who I am now.

When I first opened my business in 2010 I had no idea what I was getting into. What I thought was going to be primarily a business venture actually became a powerful and challenging journey of getting to know myself. During this time I met people from all walks of life who were on the same journey, many of whom became dear friends and mentors. The irony is that all the while I was desperately trying to help myself overcome a lifelong and debilitating struggle with OCD and depression, and helping my customers with their challenges actually became the sustenance I needed to stay motivated during a period full of panic attacks and total overwhelm. I am forever gratefuly to each of these people.

I'm first generation Korean-American, but I was raised 100% mainstream American in a town called Montclair, New Jersey. After spending over 20 years in the corporate world I decided to open my own business, and it was during this time that I finally found the answers to the greatest emotional challenges of my life. So much of this was achieved by studying the Ancient Healing Sciences of Egypt (Minerals & Gemstones), China (Classical Feng Shui & The 5 Elements), and India (Chakra Balancing & Meditation).

Never in a million years could I have imagined while doing my corporate thing on Wall Street that the understanding and practice of these traditions that were so foreign and kooky to me at the time would ultimately become long sought after answers to the deepest emotional, physical and spiritual challenges of my life. I will be always and forever grateful and indebted to these teachings for saving me and giving me a 2nd chance at living a bright life.

For the first time in 54 years I now wake up in the morning with a lightness in my heart versus a terrible sense of dread and foreboding. I've begun to connect to a brand new sense of childlike wonder, and this wonder is wrapped into what I do for myself and especially what I do for others through my offerings. These are by far the pinnacle achievements of my whole life.

My only wish right now is to share everything that I've learned about how to create bright and joy-filled living with anyone who wants to learn about it.