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About Nature Bathing & Active Meditation

Nature Bathing Meditations are forms of active meditation that engage and invigorate our physical senses of sight, smell, sound, taste, touch while we immerse ourselves in a particular activity that opens our eyes to the miraculous nature of Nature. 

We'll do things like learn about butterfly life cycle, how to spot different varieties at different stages of development, and how to prepare waystations for them and watch them develop and grow. This type of active meditation is great for those who seek more stimulation and re-newed interests, and have some access to outdoor space. 

We'll also learn about the history of sacred geometrical shapes, and how to use them to create beautiful art with succulents and crystals. This type of active meditation is great for helping us to slow down, be more aware of our breathing (or lack of), and concentrate for longer periods of time and can be done either inside or outside.

Both of these types of Nature Bathing meditations are ideal for anyone who struggles with the idea of being still and sitting in one place for long periods of time, and provide a great alternative to those who have tried sitting passive meditation without success. Most importantly, these activities re-connect us to Nature which is something that has enormous potential to soothe and heal us during the most challenging of times.