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Active Meditation v. Passive Meditation

Traditionally, meditation has been practiced through passive sitting and observing our breath and being more aware of our thoughts and feelings which for many of us is extremely hard to uncover when buried in the hectic day to day.

Passive meditation is known as Vipassana and was devised by the Buddha 2,500 years ago. Passive sitting and observation was always meant to be done outside in nature and was much easier to practice in Buddha’s time because people lived life more connected to it. 

These days we have much busier lives, don't spend time in nature and we find ourselves overwhelmed with information overload. When we are faced with this increasingly fast-paced lifestyle and are preoccupied with worries and aches and pains, quieting the mind through passive sitting becomes much more challenging.

Nature Bathing Meditations are active meditations and one of the quickest ways for people to relax and feel more inspired about life. Many people find active meditations easier and more enjoyable to practice, because they help to quickly release accumulated stress from the body and mind, and allow even the most active minds to experience inner peace and brightness with much less effort and a lot more ease.