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The Aura-Soma Color Care System

The Aura-Soma Color Care System® combines an Aura-Soma color consultation with an incredible line of all-natural remedies that are selected based solely on a client's attraction to color. 

All the remedies produced by Aura-Soma are sourced with the utmost respect to the Earth, and each one is made from a unique and powerful combination of healing agents that all come from Mother Nature - light (colors), plants (herbs, seeds, roots, flowers, tree barks) and minerals (crystals and gemstones). 

When we use Aura-Soma it's like bringing the pristine qualities of Nature to us and gives us the opportunity to be healed by Nature without actually having to be outside.

For any of you the least bit interested I highly suggest you start with a consultation, and if you're located in SW Florida and are interested in scheduling a one on one consultation with me please click HERE. If you're not located near me and would like to connect with other US-based Practitioners in your area please see their contact information below. 

Registered Aura-Soma Practitioners

There are many awesome Aura-Soma Practitioners based in the US who are listed below. We recommend if at all possible to receive your consultations in person so if there is a Practitioner in your area please feel free to reach out to them. 

Lisa Choquette

Boston, MA



Diane Coyle

Lancaster, PA



Christina Dietz 

Austin, TX 



Suzanne Fraker

Chicago, IL



Payge Hodapp

Adrian, Michigan



Kathy Keh

Sarasota, FL 



Patricia (Patti) Kral

Mundelein, IL



Nathalia Mahecha

New York, NY



Joan Murray, RN

Gramercy, LA



Dr. Lauren Nappen

Doylestown, PA



Marilyn Perlman

Chicago, IL


Alicia Saa

Pompano Beach, FL



Mindy Schrager

Cary, NC