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About An Aura-Soma Consultation 

Lecture-Room-15.10.13-6[1].jpgAt Bright Life we specialize in Aura-Soma Chakra Balancing consultations. The Aura-Soma Color-Care-System® has proven itself over the years to produce profound life changing results for our clients, and the reason why we are such strong advocates of using the system.

The system is driven by our attraction to color and color is universal. It speaks not only through the natural world, but through all the levels of our hue-man nature and beingness! It‘s easy to take color for granted - probably because like so much of life, color is everywhere and part of everything. Yet, despite its commonness, we relate to color as a very personal preference - our choices of clothing and décor being the most obvious. As in the wellness models of like attracts like, we are instinctively drawn to colors which reflect and support our being. Aura-Soma believes that...

"You are the colors you choose and these reflect your being‘s needs"

Just as the color of a plant or herb constitutes part of its signature, expressing aspects of its identity and function. Our own color preferences can reveal the deepest aspects of who we are, what we are here to do and what we need for optimal wellbeing. 

Emotional Healing & Clarity Is As Simple As Choosing Colors

Equilibrium, the dual colored balancing elixirs at the heart of the Aura-Soma system, helps to harmonise your whole being through its effect on the subtle energies of the electromagnetic field surrounding your physical body. As a sympathetic balancing tool, every Equilibrium combination works with each of us in a way that is uniquely resonant with our particular needs. In affirming the link between our innermost identity and the colors we are drawn to, Vicky Wall, the inspired creator of Equilibrium, noticed again and again (despite her clinical blindness) that people were drawn to Equilibrium colors that reflected their unique emotional needs. 


Decoding Your Color Choices

During consultation you select four of the total 115 bottles available, and these bottles in the order you select them provide detailed information about your unique past, present and potential future as well as where you are in your journey in the expression of your particular set of challenges, gifts, potentials and purpose. Within this selection is also included the remedy you will use to facilitate the clarity and awareness you need specifically as it relates to the issues you have outlined in the choice of your bottles. The colors within your four bottles as well as where they appear (in the upper or lower fraction of the bottle), are all of tremendous help in understanding in detail where you are and where you are going as it relates to your particular life story.

Your Color Journey

org rainbow clothes.jpgYour color preferences may stay with you throughout your lifetime, or more commonly they change as you continue to learn more about yourself. A change in the colors you are drawn to in your bottle choices - as in your clothing or décor - can signify inner and outer change, a new message or purpose, or a time of potential growth, fulfillment or progress along your journey. As you learn the language of color, your personal color code can become a resource for self-knowledge and transformation, as it may accelerate the process of moving from unhealthy conditioned patterns to a life where you are more consciously choosing how you want to respond to any given situation or circumstance. Working with color energies helps to free you from the difficulties of the past. You may be able to express more of the brilliance and totality of your true colors in the here and now. As a consequence, you may become more available for contribution and service to your loved ones and friends, your community of neighbors and colleagues, and to the planet that sustains us all.

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