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About Me

Kathy Keh

I've been the owner of Bright Life for almost 10 years now. During this time I've had the privilege of travelling around the world, studying many forms of ancient emotional healing techniques, and meeting many amazing people who have inspired me and taught me to be a better person.

I'm also someone who in the midst of all this good fortune has really struggled with overwhelming amounts of anxiety and bouts of deep depression. I've carried a lot of shame throughout my life about having "mental illness" (a term I really dislike), and because of this I've always lived a double life - the one that appears to be alright on the outside, and the one that's really, really not alright on the inside. It's been exhausting trying to hide what's always gone on inside me, and I know now that this has been a huge reason for my unhappiness and all round displeasure with life.

These days I'm being more honest with myself and others. Accepting what has been, and is true about me has helped lift an enormous weight off my shoulders. I'm finally starting to feel lighter and more carefree about things, and although I continue to ride my wave of emotional ups and downs, I've also found ways to bounce back to the top, where I feel happy and pleased, and I do this by re-connecting with Nature. 

When I go outside and tend to my garden I always end up losing myself in the wonders of Nature. I witness miracles all around me, and it's these miracles that have become the most potent and effective emotional uplifters and healers for me. 

My greatest hope now is that by sharing techniques that embrace what I've learned with all of you that you too will discover ways to feel more relaxed and inspired about life. At a minimum I hope I'm able to provide you with an experience that gives you pleasure and joy.