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About Me

I'm someone who has struggled for most of my life with undiagnosed OCD and ADHD. This has been coupled with bouts of depression which has made every aspect of my personal and professional life challenging. I believe the stigma associated with what we refer to in this country as "mental illness" made it harder for me to get help, because of the shame and embarrassment I felt about having these emotional issues. 

Before opening Bright Life I spent 20 years in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. After graduating from UCLA in 1989 with a degree in English Literature, and then NYU in 2001 with a degree in nonprofit fundraising I simply muscled my way through my symptoms while working in the New York Metro area and internationally doing management consulting, sales, business development and nonprofit fundraising.

During this chapter of my career I was privileged to work for some best in class organizations in high tech and the nonprofit sectors like Adobe Systems, Microsoft and Goodwill Industries International, but starting in my 40s muscling through my symptoms began to take a big toll on me, and I found myself unable to do it anymore. This is when I began my foray into the entrepreneurial sector, and in 2010 I opened Bright Life.

Since opening Bright Life I've immersed myself in the study and development of tools designed to improve our emotional and physical wellbeing - many of which originated thousands of years ago in China, India and Egypt. I've studied with some of the most accomplished teachers all over the world to learn about classical feng shui, flower essence, color, sound, gemstone and aroma therapies. My favorite for its efficacy is meditation and over the years I've developed a form of active meditation called Nature Bathing that I now teach to others in my workshops.

My hope now is simply to help anyone out there who needs a constructive outlet for their stress, anxiety or depression by introducing them to these tools that have allowed me to live a brighter more inspired life.