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About Me More Recently

As the owner of Bright Life I've spent the past 10 years creating different forms of experiential courses for people who want to take a break from everything, clear the mind and relax while also learning a bit about powerful healing elements all based in Nature.

Most of the techniques I've been drawn to originated thousands of years ago in China, India, and Egypt when there was still a very strong connection between humans and Nature. Now, these traditions are more mainstream after years of scientific research which has proven the emotional and physical healing benefits of these ancient traditions. 

I've studied with some of the most accomplished teachers all over the world to learn about meditation, feng shui and other ancient healing modalities like flower essence, color, sound, gemstone and aromatherapies. My favorite for its efficacy is active meditation, and over the years I've developed different forms of these meditations called Nature Bathing that I teach in my workshops.

I'm also self-taught Master Gardener passionate about creating butterfly way stations. I often give tours of the garden to share my knowledge about butterflies and how these gardens can be used for reducing stress.

In 2018 my garden was formally designated as a colossal sized Monarch way station by Monarch Watch - a nonprofit organization dedicated to research, education, and preservation and in 2017 I got to study and intern with the largest butterfly breeder in the country where I learned about local butterflies and the necessary elements that are needed to create ideal breeding environments for them. 

Not only do these way stations serve as an oasis for butterflies, but they're also a feast from Nature for our physical senses. Actively engaging our sense of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch is like food for the Soul, and oftentimes spontaneously helps us to feel brighter and more inspired about life. 

My hope now is simply to help people enjoy life, life that's in the moment, not out there or back there. Nature Bathing comes in so many forms and has empowered millions of people over the centuries to live brighter more inspired lives, and this includes me. I hope you'll give it a try.

About Me Farther Back

Before opening Bright Life I spent 20 years in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. After graduating from UCLA in 1989 with a degree in English Literature, and then NYU in 2001 with a degree in nonprofit fundraising I worked throughout the US and internationally doing management consulting, sales, business development, and nonprofit fundraising.  

During this chapter of my career, I was able to work for some best in class organizations in high tech and the nonprofit sectors like Adobe Systems, Microsoft and Goodwill Industries International. I became intimately familiar with the inner workings of organizations large and small, and will always feel gratitude and a sense of pride to have been part of their overall success.