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About The Aura-Soma Color-Care-System®

The Aura-Soma Color-Care-System® is a powerful set of tools used for personal growth and inspiration. It is a system that is not intellect driven nor is it a system that relies on the advice of others. It is a system that we use from our heart of hearts when we are ready to take complete responsibility for our own happiness and contentment. I hope you will give these awesome products a try, and please call me if you are local for an in person consultation!

SALE ON FULL SETS OF POMANDER AND QUINTESSENCE ROOM CONDITIONERS! For anyone interested in purchasing full sets of either the Pomander or Quintessence Room Conditioners I am offering 30% off thru the end of May. These are my favorite Aura-Soma products. Every single one adds such a beautiful atmosphere to a room and they are so easy to use and instantly effective. I highly suggest them!!

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