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Aura-Soma Newsletter Winter 2020

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Someone selecting their Equilibrium bottles (courtesy of Aura-Soma)
Dear Aura-Soma Friends,

Happy New Year! I hope this year is off to a great start for all of you!

First, I wanted to thank those of you who gave me positive feedback about the last newsletter, and for your questions - some of which I've answered here.

Second, I want to be clear about my answers to your questions in these newsletters. They are just that - my answers. Others will have different answers based on their own experiences so please take what you like from what I share and leave the rest.

Finally, whenever you are searching for definitive answers about Aura-Soma please go to their website HERE where you can get information directly from the source.

So... keep sending your questions, experiences and any other ideas you have for the content of future newsletters, and should you want information about Aura-Soma more regularly I invite you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook as well. 

Sending tons of love and appreciation to each and every one of you!

Kathy Keh
Aura-Soma Consultant, Teacher & Distributor
(941) 400-5730
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One of the questions I received was how best to apply Equilibrium bottles once they've been selected. For a basic answer to this question I thought the best place to get it was directly from the source - Aura-Soma's website. I've copied a portion of the information from their blog below, but the complete article can be found HERE.
Someone applying their Equilibrium bottle (courtesy of Aura-Soma)
Harnessing the vibrational powers of Mother Nature, Aura-Soma is a system of colour, plant and crystal energies that enhance happiness and vitality. Our most popular product is our Equilibrium bottle, a unique wellness tool which can be applied in a similar way to body oil, but works in a much more powerful way.

Created using the highest-quality organic and biodynamic ingredients our products are the perfect addition to those seeking a healthier lifestyle, and a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Think of wellness therapies like Acupuncture, Reiki and Reflexology; Aura-Soma also brings ease, balance and calm to your energetic system (chakras), whilst strengthening and protecting the aura to empower and elevate consciousness. Using bespoke alchemic processes and homeopathic principles, if used regularly our products hold the potential to increase your vitality.

You activate the vibrational energy of the colour, plant and crystals in each Equilibrium bottle by shaking the bottle and applying it as you would a body oil, nurturing yourself with the colour, plant, and crystal energies.

We recommend applying the oil both morning and night. The alchemy is in your hands and the unique energy in each bottle is unlocked when it touches your skin.

Just as you must trust your intuition when selecting the Equilibrium bottles the same is true for where you choose to apply the bottles to the skin. There is no right or wrong answer.
Alongside the Equilibrium bottles we have a selection of other products to help empower you to be more of what and who you are.
Someone exploring their Equilibrium 4 bottle selection (courtesy of Aura-Soma)
Another question I received was whether or not someone could use more than one Equilibrium bottle at a time.

Sometimes after clients receive their 4 bottle consultations they ask if they can use more than one Equilibrium bottle from their selection at a time, and many even ask if they can use all four of them. Sometimes after someone's been working with Aura-Soma for some time they ask if they can simply use more than one bottle in the collection outside of 4 bottle picks.

To both of these questions I always respond by saying that they should use Equilibrium bottles in the way that they are called to use them - to decide which bottles to use, in what order to use them, in what combination to use them and when.

I've shared below some of the ways in which I've chosen to use multiple bottles at a time, but by no means are these guidelines - just personal sharings.
Using multiple bottles at one time from a 4 bottle selection:
Depending on how I resonate with each of the bottles I've selected for a 4 bottle pick I may decide to use more than one bottle from my pick. I base my decisions on which, how and when to use them purely by feeling into what would be most helpful to me for that particular journey, at that particular time. 
One way I've used them in the past which I refer to as kind of a Phase 1 for that particular bottle pick is combining the 1st bottle (lesson bottle) with the 2nd bottle (gifts & talents bottle), and depending how I felt that day I might use one bottle in the morning and one in the evening or both at the same time once a day. Using the 1st with the 2nd bottle has helped me to actively engage my gifts and talents in order to get greater clarity on exactly what the lesson is for me, because many times it is clouded, and buried deep in my subconscious.

I've also used the 2nd bottle (gifts & talents bottle) with the 4th bottle (future bottle) which I look at as more of a Phase 2 for that bottle pick. It helps me to more powerfully activate my gifts and talents so that I can move more swiftly on to the next phase of my journey.

The combinations are endless, and will be totally different for each person, and that is one of the great things about using Aura-Soma. There is no right way, just your way.
Using multiple bottles at one time outside of a 4 bottle selection:
As of late - meaning the past 3-4 year or so - I use up to 5 different bottles at one time versus doing 4 bottle picks. It's a way that I started using the bottles several years into my practice when I was more familiar with them via 4 bottle consultations. I don't use all 5 bottles at one time. I simply use them when I want to use them, when I need to use them, and they do not necessarily have any particular relationship to one another. I keep them displayed on a white marble shelf which makes their colors stand out more prominently, and they are in a room where I spend my mornings which keeps them in the forefront of my heart and mind which helps me to use them more regularly.
B58 "Orion & Angelica" Pale Blue / Pale Pink
"I find freedom in the here and now. I trust the changes that are taking place in the moment"
One of the bottles I'm currently using is B58 "Orion & Angelica - pale blue over pale pink that shakes to pale violet. This was a bottle that was gifted to me recently during a class that was taught by Claudia Booth, and one that I love using because it is so very applicable to what I am currently going through now which is new beginnings, and forging the way for a new chapter in my life.
B55 "The Christ" Clear / Red
"I awaken to the mystery of the body as love"
I've used B55 "The Christ" many times over the years. Clear over red that shakes to intense light red. I use this bottle, because I relish in the colors. I love the way the blood red stands out against the clear, and I use this color in other areas of my life like the clothing I wear, and the accent colors that I use for interior of my home. Using this bottle has helped me recognize, understand and heal many challenges that I've had throughout my life associated with a traumatic childbirth and struggles I've had with creating a life that is consistently successful and prosperous. I've needed this color, and when it surrounds me it's like feeding my Soul.
B58 "Archangel Metatron" Clear / Deep Magenta
"I shine the light into the shadow saying yes to that which I have denied or said no to within myself"
I use B100 "Archangel Metatron" clear over deep magenta that shakes to deep magenta sprinkled with light. I've used this bottle many times over the years as well. It's a bottle whose colors I love - again because of how the deep magenta stands out against the clear. It's also a bottle that has consistently given me the courage to face the parts of myself that I've not been able to face or even see, and to get clarity on those parts of me, and to love those parts of me. Each time I do this I create more love and compassion for myself and others.
Inner Alchemy 12 "Reflections" Moonsilver / Moonsilver
"I shine the light into the shadow saying yes to that which I have denied or aid no to within myself"
Finally, I use an Inner Alchemy bottle - BA12 - It's moonsilver over moonsilver, and I call it my Faerie Dust bottle, because when I shake it it sparkles. Using this bottle brings magic and insight into my life. It helps me to see the miracle of life, the miracle of my life, and so I use this one a lot.