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Build Your Own Succulent & Gemstone Mandala


PLEASE NOTE: All experientials are scheduled by request only so if you are interested in offering this event to a group just contact me.

Cost: $65

Duration: 3 hours




Over the past few years I've become obsessed with succulents - mainly because they are cute little nublets, but also because they are undeniable examples of the perfection and miraculousness of Nature.

Crystals and gemstones have been another source of adoration, interest and study, and over the years I've found that when the aesthetics of the Plant, Mineral and Sacred Shape worlds are blended together, the most inspiring physical manifestations of our hopes and dreams come to Life. This type of creative process done with others in a group makes it even more of a powerful experience.


In this workshop you will receive education on succulents, succulent propagation, crystals and mandalas (ancient patterns and shapes used for sending love, light and our best intentions out into the world). 

We'll use mandalas as grids or templates upon which we will design and lay out our mandalas which will be made out of succulents, crystals and sacred shapes - all selected by you.

Included: Everything you'll need to create a gorgeous gemstone & succulent mandala - crystals, succulents and gridding templates, and all the knowledge you'll need to create hundreds, even thousands of mandalas from the one that you take home from this workshop. Oh yes, and you'll get a snack break too so don't worry about getting hungry.