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116 Equilibrium Bottles To Choose From

Here you will find a detailed description of each of the Equilibrium bottles that comprise the foundation of the Aura-Soma system. There are currently 116 bottles in the collection which have been created over a 35 year period. Bottle 115 was just created November of 2017 and the sequence begins with Bottle 0 which is why there are a total of 116 bottles.

Contained within the upper and lower colour fractions of each Equilibrium formulation are pure-grade botanical oils and water extracts from biodynamically-grown plants, trees and herbs infused with the energies of crystals and gems, colour and light. Each is a unique combination of these ingredients and fuse together in a powerful way - the Kingdoms of Plant, Mineral and Light.

We select the bottles that we are most drawn to based on their color. We select not only based on the colors we love, but the bottles that keep drawing our attention. After we have selected your bottles they are used by shaking the two parts of the bottle together to form a temporary emulsion absorbable through the skin. The contents are applied to a certain area of the body that typically aligns with the emotional energy center or Chakra that it correpsonds to. The Equlibrium botttles are the only core product in the system that is applied directly to the body.

As I mentioned earlier, these striking, pristine and magical elixirs given to us straight from Mother Nature have been a foundation for me from which I have been able to move along my path - challenging as well as deeply gratifying - in a more accelerated fashion, and for all these precious gifts I am eternally grateful, 

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