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B0 - Spiritual Rescue

Royal Blue / Deep Magenta

May assist in bringing clarity and insight into one’s feelings about one’s life. Beginning to see one’s part in the creative process.

Sale Price: $50.00
Price: $50.00


I love life and life loves me!

Main Theme

Clarity in our feelings about the spiritual self and our part in the creative process of life.

Brings the possibility of intuitive insight (royal blue) into the practicalities of everyday life. The deep magenta energy of Love From Above can assist us to put our caring and warmth into the little things. May be useful for people who are of assistance to others during the night, whether in their awareness or not. Brings a sense of deep peace and energy when our resources seem to have been depleted.

Personality Type

Emotionally balanced. Searching for the truth, especially with regard to spiritual matters. Possessing psychic and healing qualities, as well as the ability to leave the body during sleep (out-of-body experiences) and to do healing work in areas of crisis. With some people, this happens consciously, but with most, it happens unconsciously. These people often feel more tired when getting up in the morning than they felt the evening before. In this case, it is very useful to apply "Spiritual Rescue" to the temples of the forehead each morning. 

Healing Benefits

Spiritual: Stimulates inspiration. Heals deep spiritual problems. Clears the path for spiritual or religious experiences. 

Mental: Helps to uncover self-deception. Facilitates a new start, a new step forward. Aids in establishing contact with your own power. 

Emotional: Brings deep peace and deep joy, as well as trust in a higher order. 

Where To Apply

Apply in the area of the center of the forehead between the eyebrows, and along the entire hairline.

Distinctive Qualities

Part of the Expanded Chakra Set and the Rescue Set.


Tarot: Outward Journey of the Fool (B22)

Highly Recommended To Use With This Bottle