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Yellow / Gold

Knowledge - that which can be acquired, and wisdom - that which we already have. Bring a little sunlight in and enlighten yourself!

Sale Price: $50.00
Price: $50.00


I am safe and happy and I know that I know nothing.


Represents the discrimination between knowledge: that which can be acquired, and wisdom: that which we already have.

Fosters the joy of gaining knowledge (yellow) and revealing the wisdom that is already within (gold). Indicates a sunny disposition with a sense of humour. Can support the expansion of consciousness and self-awareness, giving space for our wisdom to emerge and shine.

Healing Benefits

  • The joy in gaining knowledge, even though it is acquired, as it reminds one of the inner wisdom.

  • The depths of joy of when what is already within oneself is revealed.

  • Opens the door to inner knowledge and inner wisdom.

  • Knowledge in the conscious mind, wisdom in the depths of the self.

  • Bringing in the light; accessing the knowledge of self.

Tarot Affiliation

Outward Journey of the Emperor (B82)

Where To Apply

Apply in a band around the body in the areas of the 3rd/solar plexus chakra and navel.