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Red / Red

Enthusiasm and love for life. A re-energiser, an awakener. The basic energy of love.

Sale Price: $50.00
Price: $50.00


Whatever I do, the love in my life grows.


Enthusiasm, energy and love for life.

The basic energy of love. Re-energising and grounding, giving a zest for life and the energy for new beginnings. Red in both the upper and lower fractions suggests a very potent energy with the possibility of awakening the kundalini and unifying the male and female energies within the self. Signifies stepping into life anew, particularly when selected in 2nd position.

Healing Benefits

  • Sacrificial love.

  • A powerful energiser and awakener.

  • The re-energiser and the basic energy of love.

  • The whole of the material side of life.

  • Stepping into life anew, particularly in 2nd position.

  • Can also indicate passion, anger or frustration.

Tarot Affiliation

Outward Journey of the Lovers (B84)

Where To Apply

Apply in a band around the abdomen and lower body. As red is particularly energising, it should not be used too close to bedtime.