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Green / Green

As you plant, so shall you reap.

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Price: $50.00


I create the space that I may do what needs to be done.


As you plant, so shall you reap.

Affinity with nature, particularly through the consciousness of trees, to attune with the spirals of time and the patterns of cause and effect. Helps to bring the energy for a new place and space and create harmony between what we plant and what comes up. Sometimes referred to as the 'decision-maker' energy, green can help with clear direction and empathy for others.

Healing Benefits

  • The Green / Green also used to be called the Decision Maker

  • The space giver – room to breathe

  • Helps to make decisions

  • Harmony with nature

  • The possibility of creating a new space and a new place

  • Space. Direction. Truth. The Way

Tarot Affiliation

Outward Journey of the Wheel of Fortune (B88)

Where To Apply

Apply in a band around the body encompassing the entire heart chakra area.