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Red / Green

Assertiveness and enthusiasm for life.

Sale Price: $50.00
Price: $50.00


I am open to the light shining upon me and towards me. I accept where I am now as fully as I can


A balance between head and heart, the root and the heart, and the relationship between the inner male and female.

Represents a deep sense of balance, the energy to find one's own space and direction and the ability to make appropriate life decisions. Helps with the deep-rooted energy of the heart to reconcile the male analytical and female intuitive energies within. The red (root chakra) over the green (heart chakra) indicates that physical life and material survival are best supported by the feeling, truth and courage of the heart. This combination also relates to B28, Maid Marion.

Healing Benefits

  • The relationship of the inner male and female energies.
  • Balance between the emotions and the physical or material needs.
  • Developing assertiveness in order to establish boundaries.
  • Energy to find one's own space and direction.
  • The ability to make decisions.

Tarot Affiliation

Where To Apply

Apply around the entire trunk of the body.