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Clear / Red

The energy to work with and for the light.

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Price: $50.00


I awaken to the mystery of the body as love.


The energy to work with and for the light.

Represents the energy of the Cosmic Christ and awakening to the light within (clear). The integration of this light within the deeper levels of our being (red) leads towards the fulfillment of one's purpose in the world. A sense of inner lightness as we awaken to the wisdom of the body. Representing the polarities of heaven and earth, these two color energies are vehicles for the completion of each other. As shown by the pink (love) "shake-to" color of the bottle as the two colors are shaken together, the light of the Divine mingles with the earth of our Humanity that we may embody a greater love within and as us - a love whose light brings forgiveness, compassion and the understanding of life as eternal.

Healing Benefits

  • Shakes to Pink.
  • Awakening to the truth of love.
  • Making love sacred in the moment.
  • Light and inspiration enter the physical world.
  • The energy for awakening to the light within; a grounding of that light within the physicality.
  • A sense of lightness at a cellular level as one awakens to the wisdom of the body.
  • The opportunity to see one's purpose; letting go, that one fulfils that purpose in the world.

Tarot Affiliation

Where To Apply

Apply in a band around the body over the lower abdomen. Because of its potential energising affect, should not be used too late in the evening.