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Magenta / Clear

Purification as a consequence of love from above. The purification derived from putting love in the little things. Being in the moment.

Sale Price: $50.00
Price: $50.00


Between polarities I find the true balance in my life.


Purification as a consequence of being in the moment as we bring the love from above into the little things.

Represents a return to the love from above that dwells as the true essence of spirit within the depths of ourselves (clear). Brings a sense of integration, many aspects come into resonance with wholeness. Through conscious attention we may bring love to the details of life (magenta), even the inanimate objects that we may handle moment to moment. This color combination can also bring light to our suffering, reminding us that love from above is always available to us.

Healing Benefits

  • The power of love as a practical expression.
  • A complete picture, a sense of many things coming into resonance where one begins to feel the wholeness of oneself.
  • Purification as one practically puts love into the inanimate objects one handles moment to moment, day to day.
  • A growth of consciousness through attention to detail.

Tarot Affiliation

Where To Apply

Apply in a band around the body in any area that you choose.