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Red / Pink

The energy to let go, to get in touch with love again. The love becomes more unconditional. The potential to awaken to the power of love.

Sale Price: $50.00
Price: $50.00


In this moment I am free.


The energy to let go and to love again more unconditionally. The potential to awaken to the power of love.

Represents the possibility of awakening the Christ consciousness within the conscious mind (red) in relation to our true purpose, which is supported by self-acceptance and compassion in our depths (pink). Can help to access our resources of strength, focus and love, and to bridge our thinking and feeling in order to balance our outer and inner selves.

Healing Benefits

  • Self-acceptance releases energy. The energies in profusion.
  • The bridge between the thinking and the feeling within oneself.
  • The possibility of bringing the awakening energy of the Christ into the conscious mind, the revelation of that awakening in relation to the true purpose.

Tarot Affiliation

Return Journey of the High Priestess (B2)

Where To Apply

Apply around the abdominal area, legs and feet.