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Coral / Olive Green

Feminine leadership, independence. Co-operation, rather than competition. Peace as a priority.

Sale Price: $50.00
Price: $50.00


In the simple things I find the truth and awareness that is my fulfillment.


Intuitive feminine leadership through co-operation rather than competition, with peace as a priority.

Represents the interdependent co-operation (coral) of the male and female personas within the self, as well as the gift of intuitive heartfelt feminine leadership (olive). Fosters the ability of feminine intuition to know how to lead in the 'right' way, especially when moved by love and care. Fosters expansion of the subtle fields of the light body through trusting the intuitive nature and the inner essence. B92 and B93 (Hansel and Gretel) were created and named as a pair, symbolising that the co-operation of the masculine and feminine toward peace may awaken a new consciousness upon the Earth as the 'New Woman/New Man'.

Healing Benefits

  • The opportunity for a deep level of trust within the feminine intuitive, to transcend competition and forge the way forward in a non-competitive way through co-operation.
  • The development of the luminous egg as the subtle fields take on a new form.
  • The clarity of direction that ensues from trusting the intuitive, as one trusts the essence of oneself.

Tarot Affiliation

Return Journey of Temperance (B14)

Where To Apply

Apply in a band around the body from the 1st/root/base chakra to the 4th/heart chakra.