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Sapphire Blue Pomander


Sale Price: $40.00
Price: $40.00


Keynote: Peace and communication.

Fragrance: Sweet, Woodsy-Organic

Essential Oils: Myrrh, Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint, Menthol, Eucalyptus

Crystal Energies: Sapphire, Quartz, Blue Lace Agate

Chakra: Fifth/Throat Chakra


  • May support the highest communication of love, fostering inspirational and devotional aspects that come from within us and discovering the spritual within the worldly.
  • May deepen a sense of calm and personal peace, helping us to become more available for our true occupations of purpose and service.
  • May be supportive in transition phases such as re-birthing work or letting go at a very deep level, helping us to see the Divine Plan in all things.
  • May help to bring a calming atmosphere supportive for teachers and public speakers.

Sapphire Blue protects, calms and fosters tolerance, inspiration, devotion and trust in our inner guidance. It can assist sensitive people or those who have difficulty with authority, or who are in authoratative positions. It helps us to remember our natural inner authority, so as not to be intimidated by situations where we meet with external authority. It is helpful with transitions in life, bringing peace and tranquility to situations such as birth and death. It is a nurturing energy, bringing balance to situations of responsibility and caring such as parenting - particularly helpful in situations where one parent is absent or traditional roles are reversed. It soothes hyperactivity, bringing peace to disruptive situations. Sapphire Blue supports the throat and is helpful for those who speak publicly or teach groups.

HOW TO USE: Place 3 drops in the palm of the left hand, rub the hands together and pass them through the aura - front, back and sides - then inhale three times deeply from between the palms. Use as often as you wish.