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ArchAngeloi Michael


Sale Price: $42.00
Price: $42.00


ArchAngeloi Michael may help one to more easily clear the way towards opening one's heart.

Theme: Trust, faith and clarity of purpose.

The energies of this Essence may be supportive in:

  • Letting go of intense fears and anxieties;
  • Developing trust and faith;
  • Releasing restrictive patterns or habits of worry and confusion, in order to experience peace and clarity.

HOW TO USE: Spray the liquid essence above the head three times - once to the left of the head, once directly above and once to the right. Extend the arms upwards in a cup shape and allow the energies to descend into the auric field. Gently bring the hands together over the heart centre and hold for a few moments before unfolding them down to the sides. If you wish to, you may extend the hands downwards toward the ground, honouring all that exists between heaven and earth.