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Kathy Key“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”           

Frank Lloyd Wright


For those of you new to Bright Life - "WELCOME!" and for those of you returning - "THANK YOU!"

Bright Life's mission:

To help people live bright and joy-filled lives by introducing them to Nature-based tools and remedies that help them to feel bright in body, mind and spirit

Bright Life Products: 

The Bright Life Self Care products are perfect for people who struggle to make time for healthy self-care routines. These personal hygiene products are quick and easy to use and designed to instantly flood your senses with pure pleasure. My hope is that within this collecton of precious jewels you'll find your favorite subtle or striking colors, exhilarating or soothing aromas, fine or rough textures, and even a few flavors! Using these products has been a pure joy for me and has helped me to feel bright inside and out. 

The Bright Life Giving Care products are ideal for people who get easily overwhelmed, have a hard time concentrating or who are experiencing a general lack of interest in life. Tending to, having interest in and loving on small 3" x 5" manageable succulent gardens can help people to re-connect with Nature when they're stuck inside, to breathe and relax more while being focused on miraculous changes that happen everyday. These tremendous members of the plant kingdom have given me so much joy and hope.

Bright Life Events: 

Bright Life events are meant to bring our community together to have fun, learn about new ways to enjoy Nature for contemplation and inspiration, and to have a place for meaningful discussion, and to share our wisdom, strength and hope with one another. 

  • Elixir Mixers: As a group via Zoom we'll multi-task - chit chat and get to know one another, enjoy a cocktail or 2 (alcohol optional) all while making our own custom blended self-care elixirs
  • Plant Sales: Educational & inspirational will take place in my gardens where I'll introduce you to my most favorite, easiest to grow varieties of shrubs, trees and flowers and head start guidance on the best conditions to grow them in
  • Home & Garden Tours: For naturalists who want to create greater emotional harmony for their families or for others this will inspire you on how to blend the 5 elements of water (ponds), wood (trees), earth (rocks & minerals), metal and fire

Bright Life Measure of Success: 

If you wake up the morning after setting up one of Care for Other Kits, and you can’t wait to give your succulents a spritz of crystal water and see how they've magically transformed since just the night before OR if you take a moment at the end of an exhausting day when all you want to do is climb into bed to take one full breath of the Care for Self products because it makes you feel good -  either of these scenarios would be mission accomplished for me.

Bright Life 100% Money-Back Guarantee: 

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you're anything less than beyond ecstatic with my services. I'll return your money, no questions asked. There are no returns on used product however on a case by case basis each request for a refund will be evaluated. In all instances where your package was damaged en route by USPS - these issues need to be brought directly to the postal services' attention where insurance can be claimed. Thank you!

Please Stay In Touch!!! 

In the meantime, please stay in touch with me on InstagramFacebook  and YouTube - my new favorite way to share information. Should you have ANY questions about anything ever feel free to reach out to me via email or phone

Upcoming Events

Butterfly Way Station Experiential

We'll begin with a little education about butterflies in the SW Florida region. I'll talk about their life cycle, breeding and feeding environments, as well as some challenges they face. Next each guest will be equipped with their own color butterfly reference chart and water to have while we take...

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Build Your Own Succulent & Gemstone Mandala

In this workshop you will receive education on succulents, succulent propagation, crystals and mandalas (ancient patterns and shapes used for sending love, light and our best intentions out into the world).  We'll use mandalas as grids or templates upon which we will design and lay out our mandalas...

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So blessed my path crossed with Kathy Keh and Bright Life 6 years ago. She is a conduit for helping others to find their way to a path of peace, self-appreciation and a feeling of parallel with the Universe and with their community. With every visit whether it be an Aura Soma consultation, a workshop, a group meditation or just a visit to say "Hello", I always have an experience that leaves me feeling more energized, more grounded and more connected with myself and the world around me. Kathy has an amazing spirit that is intuitive, loving and insightful. Her wealth of knowledge and professionalism is impeccable. I can honestly credit Kathy with helping me find greater happiness and balance in my life and in my home ~ Diana Paver,

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